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RYFS Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to traders and exhibitors

1. Special Rules and Regulations governing the showing of exhibits are given in the schedules for each section.

2. Exhibits must be the property of the Exhibitor at the time the entry is made and be available for inspection before the date of the Show.

3. The Judges’ decision is final.

4. No movement of vehicles on the Showfield between 10am-5pm unless escorted by a show official Labels, Numbers and Exhibitors’ Admission Tickets

5. All exhibits to be numbered as per Head Stewards’ instruction. One free admission ticket will be made available when entry fees amount to a minimum of £8.00 per section. Penalties

6. Exhibitor or his representative or agent, who in the opinion of the Committee, has wilfully committed any breach or a regulation or condition included in the schedule, also, any person who has aided or abetted in any such breach, in addition to any person who has obtained, or attempted to obtain any prize or award by fraud or misrepresentation or unscrupulous act, further any persons proved guilty or discreditable conduct shall forfeit the whole of their entry fees, also any prize or prizes they may have been awarded to their exhibits or to those which he or she may have been charged.

7. Farm, garden or allotment produce will be judged on ‘Rules for Shows 1975’ published by the Royal Horticultural Society.

8. No exhibits may be removed from the ground before 5.00pm unless permission sought from the Head Steward of the relevant section. Farm produce, vegetables and flowers etc not previously claimed and removed by 6.15pm will be disposed of.

9. The committee accepts no responsibilty for loss, damage or accident to any Exhibit on the Showground or for loss or damage to any vehicle or person, which may occur through accident, mistake or theft. Exhibitors are advised, in their own interest, to insure valuable exhibits whilst in transit to and from the showfield and for the duration of the Show.

10.Any protest or objection against entries or judges decision to be lodged in writing with the Secretary within 30 minutes of judging the class, together with a deposit of £10 which will be refunded if the protest or objection is sustained. The Committee whose decision is final will decide such protest or objection.

11.The Committee reserves to itself the absolute right and power to interpret these or any other regulations, bye-laws or conditions as contained in the schedule or any alteration or addition to same, also to determine and finally settle matters, questions or differences in respect of, or in connection with, or arising out of the Show. Further, the Committee reserve the power to refuse and return any entries (without stating the reason) also to cancel classes, disqualify exhibitors, prohibit the exhibition of exhibits, change or appoint additional judges,vary or cancel awards or reserved numbers or to relax any condition as they may deem expedient. Head Stewards of each section act on behalf of the Committee with regard to any classes in his or her section.

12.The Head Steward to use his or her power under Rule 10 in all sections with regard to any class with three or less entries.

13.Acceptance of the custody of a challenge cup by the holder for the time being shall be deemed a sufficient guarantee that he undertakes to return same free of cost to the Show Awards Secretary within two months prior to the next Annual Show.

14.Any exhibitor or agent not in receipt of an admission ticket and staging exhibits must pay admission on the gate and this will be refunded if the exhibitor or agent leaves the ground by 10.00am. 15.All trophies are perpetual unless otherwise stated.

Additional rules for Traders

In addition to previous points:-

16.No games of chance of any description are permissible.

17.All traders must have their OWN Public Liability Insurance and have such available for inspection at The Show.

18.No rubbish to be left on Showfield – black bags and skips are available.

19.No sub-letting of any stands/tenders. Outdoor traders may set up from 12 noon on the Wednesday prior and indoor traders from the Friday prior.

Last Updated January 2015